Monday, 19 April 2010

Is Indonesia Lonely?

I ask this question due to the uncountable number of indonesians that crawl across the face of Facebook. I use the term crawl not because I am indonesianist, but it just seems that pervertedness, the need for an online shag and to talk to no one from their own country only seems to spawn from Indonesia.
I do not mind people talking to me from another country, I love the idea of chatting to a variety of people, and when I mean people I mean foreign hookers that can be downloaded on my whim. But Indonesia is different. Other countries, and nationalities, seem to use social networking to talk to people they know, and occasionally if they meet someone outside their state, theyll add them later. Indonesians seem to search for foreign girls to chat them up, using their own language, expected said english wench to understand their every fantasy, namely, "Do you have a boyfriend." I do not lie. Many a time I have visited my facebook to find my female friends have Indonesians hollering after them. I do not mean to sound racist, but when only indonesians do this, its hard not to be.

So I consulted omegle, that place that inspired this blog, to see what they thought:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: hey
Stranger: number
You: 7
You: that work for ya
Stranger: age
You: ask politely
Stranger: whats your age lol
You: otherwise the foreplay you will inevitably be after will merley be
You: foreplay
You: accepted
You: enter sex
You: sex complete
Stranger: lol
You: so
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: wow slow down
Stranger: let me cum
You: so your implying your shagging a concept, that concept being indonesia
Stranger: lol your funny how oold are you
Stranger: are you dirty
You: lol your not answering my question biatch
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: wanna fuck
You: i can't... your somewhere else to me
Stranger: i mean wat
You: just answer my simple question
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: you no where the us is
You: i am not flying out from the UK just to shag you
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: u.s.
You: oh
You: you use better grammar for U.S
Stranger: why not????????
You: but forget to check the spelling of know
Stranger: my dick is hard
You: so's mine
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: oooooh hhh shit
You: yeah
You: you were inadvertantly gay
Stranger: your a guy
You: your gay now
You: you imagined my cock
Stranger: fuck no i am straight
You: nah, you wanted to shag me
You: earlier you asked
You: unless you stupidly surmised i was a girl for your dreams and desires
Stranger: i thought you were a girl
You: which would be stupid
You: and unlikely...
You: oh you thought I was a girl!
You: but there are no girls on the internet
Stranger: fuck you lol
You: did you expect to be randomly pinned with the girl of your dreams
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I then recieved one guy whos girlfriend had dumped him, who then didnt say anything after that... I believe he may have committed... himself to a lovely day of making cupcakes. Then I met a "Horny 15 f"... my paedophilia haunts me to this day apparently... ... ... [unimpressed face] and then:
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: is indonesia lonely
Stranger: i dont even know
You: not even a guess as to whether it/they are
You: any ideas
You: any
You: i mean generally
You: do you have ideas
Stranger: i guess they are
Stranger: but i havent been there...
Stranger: are you indonesian?
You: no, but i keep finding them on my facebook talking to my female friends...
You: and when I say friends i mean... ;)
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: indoesia is pretty isolated
You: that also alliterates so it must be true
Stranger: lol yeeeeeeeeuppppppppp
Stranger: so how old are you
You: is that an important factor in this conversation
Stranger: i guess
Stranger: pretty much
You: in what sense
Stranger: lol
You: does thsi change your view of me
Stranger: In the sense that ima kick yo ass
You: the question changes the factor of the conversation due to the sense that you can kick my ass
Stranger: sex??
You: you kick peoples asses in sex... your doing it wrong
Stranger: m/f ?
You: you want to shag me
You: again
You: ...
You: why
You: im tired of people throwing themselves atop me
Stranger: haha wtf
Stranger: LOL
Stranger: bye fag..
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I love how todays youths have gained so much intelligence in the fine art of intercourse. The gentle caress, the seduction of foreplay, the emotional elation.... nah, "are you grl... no... thn u fag! hahahalolololoLOLOLOL"

So, I learnt that sex still dominates omegle, that 15 year olds are desperate for online baddaboom and I am a fag. I had better tell my girlfriend...

In conclusion, I am not racist, for any of you who believe I now hate indonesians without warrant, but... it does seem strange, how they all need a good shag.

I also hate how I feel I have to constantly reiterate the fact I am not racist on the off chance someone thinks I am. I mean, I treat everyone equally, for I mock everyone!


  1. Hello there.. I'm indonesian.. and i try to find this kind of blog because do you know what..? I feel like you are right.

    Im also chat @ omegle. com.. but of course for a good purpose (it was about 1 month ago, and everything seems good to me.) i ve got many friends from other countries such europe..

    but now.. its really different.. everytime i say that i am from indonesia, then he/she disconnects me..

    Thanks for sharing anyway..
    all I want to say is,, well maybe some indonesians is a perv.. but some are not.. :)
    i think thats also true for chatters from other countries.. :)

    thank you.. :)

  2. Hey ma'am... I'm indonesian too and I'm so thankful I found this post. I've searched "why do ppl disconnect me after my asl" for a long time.. so, thanks for sharing... and we're so sorry for our impoliteness... I'm not the kind of ppl u wrote above... I'm on omegle just to make friends.... that's all, thanks... GBU. ^^

  3. I think it's unfair that you are judging Indonesian people merely on how they talk on facebook. Indonesians are very friendly, they talk to your female friends just because they are being friendly, nothing more. Being friendly is significantly different from flirting. Don't judge a small group of people and come into the fallacious conclusion that Indonesia is lonely.

  4. I am an Indonesian girl, and i think i understand the whole situation. Perhaps it is true that your girl friends' facebook has a lot of Indonesian, but to assume that pervertedness or loneliness is a major cause of this somehow is very arguable.

    Indonesian people are sociable people, we talk almost about anything to anybody. However,some of us doesn't know about "the international rules of personal distance, and differences between private matters and public matters", because the personal(not physical)distance is unknown for Indonesian.

    Hofstede (expert in culture) measures collectivism in Indonesia as the highest in the world, in simple terms,we have no personal privacy in conversation.

    International people with find it rude to ask about religion, sexual orientation, salaries, your spouse, your marital status, however this is not the case in Indonesia.
    The positive thing is (if it's considered positive) there's no such personal matter, it is family matter or public matter. Everybody cries over someone's problem and cheers for someone's happiness.

    I have experience of trying to be friendly in Netherlands by offering my food to someone next to me in public transportation, but people think my friendliness as a suspicious action(the food poisoned, i'll ask to borrow money, etc).

    My male friend (he's in USA) even being missunderstood because of his smiling. A female lecture sue him for sexual harrasment because he is smiling whenever she asked him a question in class room. While the truth is we Indonesian are going all smiley when we don't know the answer. Smile is more polite than answering i don't know.

    More than that, Indonesia is a developing country, so probably some of us think it'll gives a good impression to know someone from another country, especially where caucasian lives (doh).

  5. the thing is yes, what you write is true. But dont forget that it only applies to less than 100 people from the population. Dont judge so fast, seriously dude. By judging and generalizing the whole country you will forget that there are still many nice people out there.

  6. Indonesian version of omegle is

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  7. Of course they need a good shag. Indonesia is the largest Moslem populated country in the world, so we live in a religion-repressed society, for instance, most of them still hesitate to touch/hug their friends (if it's friend of the same gender, they'd call you gay/lesbian, if it's friend of the opposite gender, they'd call you pervert), not to mention sex, man it's just way too taboo to even talk about, that's why they've been searching for freedom outside this harsh reality, and they found internet.

  8. Sorry I found this so stereotypical and rude.

  9. You're so streotypical and so rude. You have been here, you don't know what's really happening here :)